What’re you doing with your kids this summer?

Summer provides families with so many fun ways to make memories together… swimming at the local pool, going on a camping trip, popsicles, and more! Let us add another memory that you can share with your kids this summer, and year round: kids get to build their own pizzas at Trackside!

While cooking with your kids at home is a lot of fun, parents may not always agree with their kids’ topping choices, have all of the ingredients on hand, or—if we’re being honest, turning on the oven in this heat just doesn’t sound like a good time! But when you bring your family to Trackside, kids get to pick out three of their own toppings and create a one-of-a-kind pizza masterpiece! We bring all of the pizza pieces (dough, sauce, cheese, toppings) right to your table so they can take their time to create a pizza that’s exactly to their liking!

And trust us, we’ve seen ALL kinds of topping combos… meatballs, pineapple and mushrooms anybody? Or how about anchovies, extra mozzarella, and salami? Or one of our personal favorites: bacon, bacon, and more bacon! Once the budding chefs are ready to send their creation off to be cooked, they get to yell, “PIE UP!” with the cooks!

Make it easy this summer… bring the family into Trackside, where there’s something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Not only do we have an option for kids, in addition to our pizzas we have a great variety of hearty salads, sandwiches, and more— check out our menu!